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More Photos

The photographs in this gallery are not mine, so please do not contact me about using or reproducing them. They are the property of Jenny P., Susanne Kempf, Jay Adeff, Tracy Marks, Tino Eberl, R.Nakajima, Ann M. Jensen and have been used with their kind permission. The photos may not be used in any way without their consent.

Photos by Tino Eberl, courtesy of The Figure Skating Corner.

Photos by R.Nakajima, courtesy of The Yu-Kan Skate Club.

Photos by Ann M. Jensen.

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For more gorgeous photos of Tanith and Ben, visit their official site. Also be sure to check out the lovely photos from the 2000 Junior Grand Prix Final at Ice Photo, and Emma Abraham's photos from 2001 U.S. Nationals.

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